Organic Ghee

Organic Ghee

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Ghee is clarified butter in other words it’s just the oil part of butter (butterfat), and is great for cooking. The milk solids and water have been removed. It has a very high smoke point so it doesn’t burn. Traditionally used in Indian cooking it is becoming increasingly popular for everyday use due to its great health benefits. For people on the Ketogenic diet it is one of the recommended healthy fats to eat.

Because our Ghee is organic it means that there are no pesticides and nasties that accumulate in the fat of non-organic products.  Ghee can be stored at room temperature which makes it good for taking travelling, but will last a very long time if kept refrigerated. BioGro Organic Certified.

Great cooking oil for traditional Indian recipes but can be used anywhere oil is recommended for a healthier option. It Can also be used on the skin as a base for essential oils or for those with skin conditions as a moisturiser.


weight: 380ml

Clarified Organic Butter

Nutritional Information (per 100ml)
Energy ........... 3700kj
Protein ........... 0.0g
Fat - total ....... 99.7g
-saturated ...... 60.2g
Carbohydrate... 0.0g
-sugars ............. 0.0g
Sodium ........... 1mg


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